About Me

My Instagram profile says I’m a feline fancier, aspiring gym rat, lover of all things Swedish and quite possibly the world’s biggest Prince fan. All true, but there’s more to the story.

I grew up in a small Appalachian town in Virginia; a legit Coal Miner’s Daughter. Despite this, I absolutely did not fit in. I was always the odd one out. Different. Weird. Freak. Too much. Not enough. Last one picked for the team. Add in undiagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. School was miserable and things at home were no picnic, either.

I was outspoken, but not heard.

I knew in my heart of hearts that my quirkiness wasn’t a detriment; that my life wasn’t supposed to be humdrum or the current version I was living. I had big dreams and big ideas.

There was something, perhaps otherworldly, that told me my life wasn’t going to be like everyone else’s.

It would be years before that got my attention again.

I left the mountains right after high school and landed on the doorstep of Louisville’s most punk rock address.

I worked a myriad of jobs (waitress in a punk rock diner, retail clerk, veterinary assistant, makeup artist, way too stressed corporate grunt-among other things.)

I went to college and earned a B.A. in Communications and a degree in baking and pastry arts (really- what was that about?)

I couldn't seem to find my place and it was frustrating as hell. I thought maybe my life wasn’t going to be as awesome as I’d hoped, that I was unlucky and I should just be okay with it. I thought I'd lost a huge chunk of who I was and wanted to be.

Through life coaching, I discovered that wasn’t true.

At all.

I could travel, do work I that I love, have the experiences I craved and do it all exactly as me; the weird, quirky and delightful me. Through personal responsibility and deliberate actions, I could create my life. I could tell (and live) the life story I wanted to.

I'd never considered what I really wanted was an option.

Mind blown.

I decided to say yes to the life I wanted. Fly my freak flag. Know my worth. Drop the fear.

I became the light to my life instead of the load.

Nothing is more freeing than living a life you love, that you create with fearless authenticity.

If you’re ready, I can help you do just that.

Leopard print not required, but highly encouraged.

Let's get started!

Here are 8 quirky, delightful and totally true things about me.

  1. My Board of Directors are Prince, Mister Rogers, Eartha Kitt, Joe Strummer, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, John Waters, George Michael, Courtney Love, Princess Diana, my Granny Opal and Freddie Mercury. Tammy, Dolly and Loretta sit firmly on my Advisory Committee.
  2. When I’m not snuggling kitties, gallivanting around Sweden or getting tattoos, you might find me planning world domination on a tennis court.
  3. I went to the movies with Prince at 2:30 a.m. in a suburb of Minneapolis. In my pajamas. Prince had on his pj's, too.
  4. I’m a taphophile, a fancy name for Tombstone Tourist. On vacation I can be found sauntering through cemeteries, with a map and camera in hand.
  5. In the sixth grade, I taught myself to impersonate the voice of Eartha Kitt. This has proven to be a useful and worthwhile skill.
  6. If I hear “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham!, there is a 100% certainty that I will sing and dance along with absolutely zero shame.
  7. I wish upon stars. Every single time.
  8. I have a thing for kimonos.