Last Call

January 17, 2017

I decided to stop drinking alcohol. I didn’t have a drinking problem – far from it. My booze consumption was low. When I did drink, it required a level of attention that was exhausting. I was tired of finding a safe ride home. I didn’t want to waste the next day feeling like crap. Drinks are expensive. I began to notice just how physically awful I felt after drinking. It was no longer a way I wanted to spend time with others.

Drinking, although rare, became a burden for me.

When I quit smoking (I’m not a total bore, I promise; I swear like a sailor), this Danielle LaPorte quote really resonated with me:

“Get clear on what you no longer do because it doesn’t facilitate your greatness.”

Just as smoking wasn’t serving my body, alcohol wasn’t either.

I recently read a piece by my mentor Brooke Castillo on her decision to quit drinking. She’s a year into sans booze. Her reasons tend to mirror most of mine but this I love:

“I love my ability to manage my emotions without it. But the best thing by far is using my brain for something else. I’m so proud of myself. So happy for myself. I don’t want or need it.”

I don’t want it or need it either. I want a clear head and healthy body. I want my choices to reflect that.

This decision feels good.

It feels right.

For me.

It feels like freedom.

Are you thinking about saying no to something that no longer feels good to you? Let's talk.