Brave New Moves

Brave New Moves is a 6 week coaching program for people who struggle with finding the time (and motivation) to exercise – but are ready to get moving.

On the surface, it’s about creating an active lifestyle you can live with. But really, it’s about giving your body the attention it wants and deserves.

It’s designed for those who struggle with making activity a priority and dread the gym. (Even if you're not in the shape you want to be right now. Even when you feel out of place in the room.)

By the end of our work, you’ll come away with tools to help you:

  • Create an activity schedule that works for you
  • Actually find exercise you like (and have the time to do it)
  • Establish better habits you’ll stick with

Best of all, you’ll have the experience of connecting with your body in a whole new (and loving) way and enjoying life off the couch.

This program is not about punishing yourself in hopes you'll finally get in shape. It's not about getting ripped, shredded or pumped. There are no weird shakes to drink. Brave New Moves is built on the foundation of making loving choices for yourself.

Are you ready to make you and your body a priority? Grab your sneakers and let’s go! Take your first step and use the contact form to get started.

Brave New Moves includes:

  • (6) 60 minute personalized coaching calls (1 session a week for 6 weeks).
  • Weekly challenges designed to respond to your “I can’t do this” voice and navigate the road blocks around moving your body with love and respect.
  • A Certified Life Coach (that’s me!) who hated gym class but now moves without misery.
  • Email support between sessions during my business hours.

You Invest:
$749 for the 6 week program. After your initial deposit of $199, you will have two payments of $275, due weeks 2 and 4.