Frequently Asked Questions

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A life coach? What's that?

A life coach helps emotionally healthy people make their good lives awesome. A coach also helps you focus on the life you want (instead of the one you don't) and helps you connect the dots. Coaching focuses on goal setting, creating outcomes and personal growth. It is present and future focused.

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What's unique about your coaching?

I’m fairly direct. While I’ve certainly struggled and used every excuse in the book, I don’t let my clients hide and wallow in pity parties very long (meaning, less than a minute). If you want to change your life, you gotta do some work. I’ll be guiding you along the way and holding you to your end of the bargain. (You might even call me Big Ol Meanie Pants but the rewards are oh so good.)

This work isn’t always kittens and rainbows-although that would be totally cool. But I bring this approach with a sense of humor, often-placed four letter words and a passion for helping others live a life they’re just crazy about.

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So will you tell me what to do?

Not exactly. Only you have the answers and know what's best for you; I'm here to help you work through that process. I hold the space, ask questions and provide you with a judgment free place to bring your fears and kick their asses. This world is big, crazy and pretty fabulous. I help you make your life big, crazy and pretty fabulous, too.

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Is coaching confidential?

Absolutely! I completely and totally respect the privacy of my clients. Even if we know mutual people, I have a strict rule that I will never discuss you or what we coach about with anyone. Our work will never be a topic at any dinner table. It's extremely important to me that my clients feel safe during our work.

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How do we work together?

I coach via phone or Skype and I am in the Eastern Time Zone. For international clients and those outside EST, you can convert your time zone here.

Once we arrange the times of our sessions, I will contact you at the pre-arranged time. Each session is one hour. I love worksheets and sometimes assign homework that I'll have asked you to complete prior to our last session. Nothing too scary. And no # 2 pencils required.

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I'm ready. What's the next step?

Let's schedule a complimentary Discovery Call and talk about what you want to achieve through coaching.

Once we've decided to work together, you'll make a deposit and I'll get your sessions on my calendar. Easy peasy.

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Do you really love cats more than anything in the whole wide world?

Oh heavens, yes.