Let's Brew This!

Have you been curious about coaching but haven’t taken the plunge? Not quite sure coaching is right for you?

Sounds like Let's Brew This is just what you’re looking for!
Whether you’re time crunched, on a budget, want a kick start or a refresher – this one hour session is small but mighty.

Need a boost getting back in the fitness game? Something got you stuck and you don’t know where to start? Maybe you just need a pep talk with a punch? Or it could be that you just need a fresh perspective, a new set of eyes from someone objective – you know, like a Certified Life Coach. (That’s me!)

Little on commitment, big on impact.
We’ll spend our time together uncovering where stuck is hanging out and start a game plan to things going. Plus, you’ll leave with my Focused Forward packet, a folder of good stuff designed to help fuel you long after the last sip.

Are you ready to start brewing?

Join me for a cup and let’s take “No way” to “I’m on my way!”

The fine print:
You and I meet at my favorite coffee spot in the Highlands neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky.

To schedule your session, use the contact box and I'll reach out to get you on my calendar for the next available spot!

You invest: $59 for a one hour session.