Paige helped me clarify what I was wanting for my life and for my work. She asked me fantastic questions that I have come back to over and over again and provided me with resources to use after working with her. She encouraged me to go after what excited me instead of continuing with what felt lack luster.
Robyn Michon
I was at a crossroads in my life and needed to make a very critical decision about the direction my future would be headed in. In the midst of the uncertainty, Paige's coaching helped me center myself to find clarity, the courage to make bold decisions and to consider what would be best for my overall growth and development. Several years later after making that daring first step, I can say that I have been thriving in all aspects of my life. I feel like I have truly become the person I've always wanted to be.
Keith Brooks
I have worked with Paige, and let me tell you-because of her, I am now realizing how vital art and expression are to my life. I took my first dance class in almost 20 years and was so energized that I stayed up past my bedtime- but woke up easily the next morning. I’ve registered for an art class to learn a new process. I’m also scheduled to teach several art classes this year. I’ve never felt more alive, purposeful and engaged. I’m so excited for other opportunities coming way and I owe so much of this to Paige. So after reading this long winded diatribe, the short of this is that if you’re considering life coaching, this is the lady to have in your corner! (Photo by eElaine Photography)
– Melissa Gaddie
Paige is a straight forward coach who will stand in your corner as you work on you. She won't sugar coat her thoughts or questions, but as she does, you feel loved and know it's what was needed. Paige works hard to help you do things you've dreamed of but never thought it was possible. Working with Paige will be the gift you give yourself that will change your life and you will see the return daily.
Lindsey Flynn